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KoSpJs (Knockout Js for SharePoint) is a SharePoint targeted data binding handler extension to Knockout Js, a highly popular JavaScript library based on MVVM pattern. KoSpJs acts a Knockout Js data binder and formatter for json data retrieved from SharePoint List . . . .
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This is a continuation of my pervious article on gathering System information of a Raspberry Pi with Python and Flask. In this article we can see how to run that application via Apache Web Server more
Although there are Android Apps to view the system information of Raspberry Pi, accessing those information outside of your network (remotely) requires additional plumbing work if your home broadband more
My inclination towards Python is increasing day by day after I started exploring the non-MS world through Raspberry Pi and Debian Linux. This article is an off-shoot of such exploration which I would more
This is one of the must have books for emerging Architects in Microsoft Platform. This .net technology guide for business applications talks in details about when to use what kind of Servers and appli more
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This book on Windows Server 2012 R2 gives an over view of enhancements and new features available in Windows 2012 R2. Although this book is intended for Admins, this is a good read to know about basic more
Category :   Windows 2012 R2
This book describes the performance issues related to Fine grained permissions like Item level permission, column level permission and folder level permission in SharePoint Lists more
Category :   SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013
By default, SharePoint 2013 REST API returns output as Atom XML and there is no option to return data as JSON unless appropriate headers as passed with the request more
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This article explains the similarities and differences associated with creating and provisioning of a custom pagelayout and a custom page in SharePoint with visual studio more
Category :   SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010
The steps involved in creating and provisioning a custom page in SharePoint is almost same as that of creating and provisioning a custom page layout more
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Python, which doesn’t require much of introduction as it is one of the more powerful language which can be used for both device level programming to modern web application more
Category :   Python
Although SAP suggests Eclipse to develop SAP UI 5 aka Open UI 5 applications, you can develop your SAP UI 5 applications in Visual Studio or any other environment that supports JavaScript more
Category :   SAP UI5, Open UI5
This repeated notification of system cannot find the drive specified would be thrown if you install the SharePoint 2013 pre-requisites by mounting an ISO file from the local file system more
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