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by Ashok Raja T 10. September 2013 23:12

This post would be a starting point for developing SharePoint applications using Knockout and KoSp ( Knockout for SharePoint). KoSp provides custom knockout binding handlers for SharePoint list data retrieved via oData queries for Rest API and CAML queries for SPServices [More]
by Ashok Raja T 10. September 2013 23:08

Today I have released KoSp (Knockout binding handlers for SharePoint) in codeplex. If you love client side scripting in SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2010 with Rest API or SPServices, then this is for you [More]
by Ashok Raja T 12. March 2013 19:48

I have listed out all the SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010 web parts that I have published in my blog to a codeplex project and also in listly, so that it would be easier for the users to track any new additions to my web part series from a single place [More]
by Ashok Raja T 20. August 2012 10:14

The template based form generation in SharePoint Dynamic Forms requires XML specification as input. This XML file contains information about the list, columns and its validation rules. This blog post explains the options available in the XML template in respect to version 1.0 of SharePoint Dynamic Forms. [More]
by Ashok Raja T 20. August 2012 10:13

This post explains the additional configuration options available in SharePoint Dynamic Forms, its XML template structure and options of extending through code. [More]