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by Ashok Raja T 29. November 2012 02:05

This post explains about how to create an user defined custom property for a Client Web Part in SharePoint 2013 Napa App and its relationship with the query string and the standard tokens. The option for getting the data from Client Web Part's custom property is bit different from Farm based or Sandboxed Web Parts. In Napa App, the value of the property has to be accessed via query string[More]
by Ashok Raja T 17. November 2012 06:30

This post on Napa App provides step by step detailed instructions to create a jQuery based Twitter feed Client Web Part in SharePoint 2013. The App explained in this blog post is a SharePoint-hosted App which supports only Java Script CSOM. This post also shows you how to create a Custom Property in SharePoint Napa App and also explains how to refer custom Scripts and CSS in a Napa App. [More]
by Ashok Raja T 4. November 2012 21:17

On Premises Napa App development in SharePoint 2013 is not that straight forward as usual application development in SharePoint. It requires some specific configuration settings to host the App. One of the main requirement is to have a separate App domain. In this article we can see how to configure the local development environment to enable development of SharePoint 2013 Napa Apps. [More]