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by Ashok Raja T 22. July 2015 09:18

So, you have downloaded the brand new Visual Studio 2015 and now the confusion would have started if you have already installed RC copy. I tried my best to figure out the upgrade path in MSDN [More]
by Ashok Raja T 2. February 2013 09:56

Locating custom assemblies in GAC is bit different for SharePoint 2013 when compared to SharePoint 2010. This difference is due to .net version on which these version of SharePoint are depending on [More]
by Ashok Raja T 10. June 2012 03:53

In SharePoint to have a custom config file, with CAS policies set , it requires Blob data of assemblies . Follow the bellow steps to extract public key blob of an assembly.[More]

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by Ashok Raja T 10. June 2012 02:41

Physically locating the assembly in GAC would help in debugging assemblies deployed into GAC. In .Net debug symbols of assemblies are available in .pdb file which is created along with the assembly during compilation. Deployment into GAC does not deploy the .pdb files. This file has to be manually placed in physical location of the assembly inside GAC. Follow the below steps to physically locate the assembly in GAC. [More]

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