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by Ashok Raja T 14. February 2013 08:30

In this post we can see how to transform the content of a SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2010 Announcement library to a flip book with jQuery booklet extension [More]
by Ashok Raja T 28. December 2012 00:49

In this article we can see how to create a Metro UI style live tiles web part in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010. This web part is based on Metro JS, one of the popular open source jQuery plugin for Metro UI based UI rendering [More]
by Ashok Raja T 8. December 2012 03:01

This post explains you how to group SharePoint List items based on a multi value look up field in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010.This sample web part uses jQuery and jQuery DataTables Plug-in to group rows. Although SharePoint has options to display list items grouped by columns, it does not have any option to group look up columns that allow multiple selection [More]
by Ashok Raja T 17. November 2012 06:30

This post on Napa App provides step by step detailed instructions to create a jQuery based Twitter feed Client Web Part in SharePoint 2013. The App explained in this blog post is a SharePoint-hosted App which supports only Java Script CSOM. This post also shows you how to create a Custom Property in SharePoint Napa App and also explains how to refer custom Scripts and CSS in a Napa App. [More]
by Ashok Raja T 15. November 2012 21:18

News ticker web part in SharePoint 2013 combines jQuery and vTicker plugin for jQuery to provide a perfect news (announcement) ticker for SharePoint Intranet applications. [More]