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by Ashok Raja T 5. February 2013 00:26

Couple of days back I got my new Laptop delivered. The configuration of this Lenovo ThinkPad W530 theoretically rocks with 32 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD Hard disk and i7 3rd generation processor. I have to check it out how practically it can deal with, our own resource thirsty, SharePoint 2013 [More]
by Ashok Raja T 2. February 2013 09:56

Locating custom assemblies in GAC is bit different for SharePoint 2013 when compared to SharePoint 2010. This difference is due to .net version on which these version of SharePoint are depending on [More]
by Ashok Raja T 29. January 2013 02:23

In SharePoint 2013 creation of crawled property and managed property are handled automatically by Search Service Application, but in SharePoint 2010, managed property has to be manually created once the site columns are crawled and crawled properties are generated [More]
by Ashok Raja T 21. January 2013 07:30

This article on dynamic data feed for promoted links, retrieves the content from NASA’s Image of the Day RSS feed to display it in the Tiles View Web Part of SharePoint 2013 [More]
by Ashok Raja T 16. January 2013 23:09

This post is a walk through on creation of Promoted Links, The new Out of the Box Tile Web Part available in SharePoint 2013 [More]