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by Ashok Raja T 12. November 2012 03:50

jQuery Data Tables Web Part for SharePoint 2013 is an implementation of the popular datatables  jQuery plugin in a SharePoint web part with List data. In this post we will be creating a web part which contains a repeater control that binds data from a SharePoint list and renders the necessary table structure required for datatables. [More]
by Ashok Raja T 27. October 2012 08:20

SharePoint Frontier - Slider / Carousel Web Part for SharePoint 2013 is built upon Nivo Slider, which is a very popular jQuery plugin for Image carousel with overlay text and plenty of configuration options. This Web Part supports all the options exposed by Nivo Slider. [More]
by Ashok Raja T 10. October 2012 20:50

Slider web part with text and image is one of the common requirements for most of the SharePoint 2010 intranet applications. There are multiple jQuery plugins available to create a Content Slider. In this post I’ll share how to use bxSlider in SharePoint 2010 visual web part to display the items available in default Announcement list. [More]
by Ashok Raja T 14. June 2012 02:51

Create a change password webpart in SharePoint 2010 by following the steps provided in this blog post. This post is targeted for windows authentication against an Active Directory [More]