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by Ashok Raja T 21. June 2014 10:32

SAP UI 5 aka Open UI 5 is a new development framework available for SAP developers to expose and consume SAP data as JSON objects via REST API calls [More]
by Ashok Raja T 18. June 2014 23:53

Since most of the people of moving towards client side development in SharePoint, these terms, REST API, oData and JSON have become a part of day to day life of every SharePoint developer [More]
by Ashok Raja T 5. June 2014 19:52

This article on retrieving List Attachment URLs and Document URLs is a continuation of series on Knockout Js with SharePoint 2013 REST API [More]
by Ashok Raja T 13. November 2013 12:56

This article explains how to handle and bind URLs associated with SharePoint Hyperlink Fields, Image Fields to html elements in SharePoint REST API and SPServices with KoSpJs - Knockout Js for SharePoint. [More]
by Ashok Raja T 27. September 2013 00:02

This post on the KnockoutJs for SharePoint series explains formatting and binding options available in KoSpJs for SharePoint Date Field, Number Field, Currency and Percentage Fields while retrieved by oData queries for SharePoint REST API or by CAML queries with SPServices [More]