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Introducing Weaved Android App for Raspberry Pi
by Ashok Raja T 20. June 2016 22:31

Official iPhone App of weaved services for Raspberry Pi is available for quite some time but for Android it’s been long pending. Although I use iPhone for work, I am bit comfortable with my Galaxy Note 4 than iPhone. So I thought of writing one for Android and thus came this Android App for Weaved Services.

You can download the Android App for Weaved Services for Raspberry Pi here. If you are new to Raspberry Pi, check out the bunch of articles on my non-tech blog here. If you would like to learn how to configure Weaved Services in Raspberry Pi, have a look into this article.

Why Weaved?

To put it in a nutshell, if your home network is behind a double NAT-ed environment, it’s not that easy to access your Raspberry Pi outside your home network. Weaved services comes handy in these situations and this creates a private VPN tunnel to your Raspberry Pi and allows you to connect to your home network remotely.


Weaved For Pi 1 Weaved For Pi 2

Weaved For Pi 3 Weaved Android Logo

Download App from Play Store

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