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Is it possible to upgrade Visual Studio 2015 RC to Visual Studio 2015 RTM?
by Ashok Raja T 22. July 2015 09:18

So, you have downloaded the brand new Visual Studio 2015 and now the confusion would have started if you have already installed RC copy. I tried my best to figure out the upgrade path in MSDN but couldn’t able to find out the details.

The confusion was to uninstall Visual Studio 2015 RC and to install afresh the new RTM or it would auto upgrade was the question that was haunting me. Since I had installed it in couple of Virtual Machines, I thought of giving it a try in my Surface Pro 3 ( as it would be easy to wipe the device to original state) and it succeed in first shot. So the verdict is, you can install Visual Studio 2015 RTM on top of existing RC copy and it would replace it smoothly without prompting for modify or repair option. It would proceed as a clean and fresh installation. At the same time it would also provide the options to select the components you would like to install.


I performed this upgrade in MS Surface Pro 3. This required the below patches to be already installed. This applies to Windows Server 2012 R2 as well.


BTW, it doesn’t upgrade as expected on PRE Release version. Still I am facing issues on upgrade from Pre to RTM. It’s failing on installation of .Net 4.6

Once installation is completed, the RC tags would be replaced across Visual Studio and it would get replaced with RTM copy.

By default the diagnostics tools are invoked while you run an application. It’s awesome.


Enjoy your brand new Visual Studio. More to explore!!!.Stay tuned…

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