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Microsoft Lync 2013 for Android Smart phones and Tablets
by Ashok Raja T 1. April 2013 19:23

On March 29 2013 Microsoft has released Android version of Lync 2013 in Google Play Store. When compared to Lync 2010 version for Android, this app looks stable and smooth. One difference I have noticed between Lync 2010 and Lync 2013 for Android is the voice call option. Now on , for voice calls the app uses VOIP as the default calling option rather than calling using default phone number.

The below are some of the screen shots which I have captured while configuring Lync 2013 with Office 365 account in my Samsung Galaxy Note

Screen Shots

1. Sign In Screen

Lync UserName Password

2. Logging In

Lync SignIn

3. VOIP Settings

Lync Voip Settings

4. Configuring Phone Number

Lync Configure Phone Number

5. Sync Contacts

Lync Sync Contacts

6. Default Screen after successful login

Lync Logged In Screen2

7. Configuration Settings

Lync Options

Download Link For Lync 2013 for Android

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