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Must have JSON tools for every SharePoint Developer
by Ashok Raja T 18. June 2014 23:53

Since most of the people of moving towards client side development in SharePoint, these terms, REST API, oData and JSON have become a part of day to day life of every SharePoint developer. As technology is changing and applications are evolving, having right tools to perform right action would ease the life of developer. This article provides some insight on some of the tools that I am using to handle JSON data via REST API oData queries.

Although fiddler can also be used to perform oData queries and view JSON data, I have not included it in the list of tools because its primary objective is something different and it is not that user friendly in terms of dealing with JSON and REST API when comparing to other tools mentioned in this list

1. Advanced Rest Client Application ( Extension for Chrome)

This is one of my favourite application for working with JSON data. This application is an extension of chrome browser and can be downloaded from Google Chrome Store. I have worked with array of JSON tools but this is the one I love the most. Try it once, you will get hooked to it.


Download Advanced REST Client Application

Note: Check out this article on how to view SharePoint REST API output as JSON string instead of Atom XML

2. Offline JSON Viewer

I use this application to visualize the JSON data in tree view format. This would be helpful to analyze offline data,  instead of playing around in the browser. This tool cannot perform a direct REST call but it helps to view JSON data in a more readable format.


Download JSON Viewer

3. is one of the powerful tool for querying almost all data stores. This application also has the capability of performing oData queries. It is free for personal use and chargeable for commercial use. To know more on how to use with SharePoint, check out my earlier blog post on this topic.


Note: LinqPad provides more functionality than this application. But I personally prefer this tool just because it is a portable application and its simplicity in execution.


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