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What is new in Visual Studio 2013 preview for SharePoint 2013 Developers?
by Ashok Raja T 13. August 2013 22:15

Here goes the list of some of the changes in Visual Studio 2013 that are targeted towards SharePoint 2013 development . To name a few, Visual Web Part for Farm Solution are back, no need to download SharePoint Template  separately , now its a part of default installation

The good news is no more separate download of SharePoint 2013 Project Templates is required. Now SharePoint 2013 project templates are part of Visual Studio 2013 default templates. So no need to Google or Bing to find out where it has to be downloaded. BTW, ensure that you have selected Microsoft Office developer tools option while installing.


Farm Solution based Visual Web parts are back, so relief from background creation of g.cs file.


It also provides an additional option to search of templates online. But right now nothing specific to SharePoint is available in the online repository.


With the new login option inside Visual Studio, settings and configurations can be maintained across environments based on user account.


Easy option to visually see the class reference


Menu Icons have changed a bit with coloured icons here and there


The below are the list of SharePoint Template Items available by default in Visual Studio 2013 preview

Application Page (Farm Solution)

Business Data Connectivity Model (Farm Solution)

Content Type

Empty Element

Event Receiver



Sequential Workflow (Farm Solution)

Silverlight Web Part

Site Column

Site Definition (Farm Solution)

State machine Workflow (Farm Solution)

User Control (Farm Solution)

Visual Web Part

Visual Web Part (Farm Solution)

Web Part


Workflow Custom Activity

Some additional Screen Shots

Start Page


New Project Window


My First web part on Visual Studio 2013 Preview Smile


Have not explored it in depth. Will update this page if I found something more interesting …

Note : If you have landed here looking for SharePoint 2013 templates for Visual Studio 2012. Please refer this post for details
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